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At Algo (Blairgowrie) Limited, our quality management system stems from our values of integrity, discipline and commitment to our customers, our employees and the environment.

As one of Scotland’s construction industry success stories we have stood the test of time, evolving and adapting to ensure its presence in an ever changing market place. A family business, established in the early 1980s we have has developed into one of Scotland’s most respected design and build companies delivering award winning and innovative solutions. Our steel fabrication takes place in our local workshop allowing total quality control with our designers and engineers working hand in hand to produce workable solutions for our customers.

Algo provides qualified construction design management (CDM), certified site management, supervision and operation. We also implement our own environmental management standards which cover both operations at our offices and our construction sites.

It is our Policy to deliver continuous improvement in all we do and our knowledgeable team of experts guarantee the skills required to deliver high quality buildings, on time and on budget.

The objectives of our quality policy are

Quality is the responsibility of all our employees.

Managers are responsible for ensuring that employees, suppliers and sub contractors adhere to our quality control measures.

The Managing Director authorises the direction and interpretation of the Policy. However, all management hold the responsibility for ensuring that the policy and all systems developed and operated by Algo are understood, correctly implemented and maintained at all levels of the organisation.

Murray Alexander, Managing Director

Signed Objectives - Signed Quality Policy

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