A P Grewar – Grain Store. Ardler

AP Grewar are grain farmers who had an opportunity to dry and store grain for East of Scotland Farmers. This resulted in an urgent requirement for large-scale economical grain storage. They needed wet bin storage feeding for the AlvanBlanche continuous flow dryer but also additional storage for the dry grain following its discharge through the elevator system.

To achieve this large-scale build on a working farm, with all the associated intake pit, electrics and concreting, can be a difficult task. Add to this a crucial time restraint dictating that the building had to be completed and the grain drier operational for harvest and the challenge is heightened. Put simply, if the construction company failed AP Grewar they failed East of Scotland Farmers as a whole. Algo was appointed in the knowledge that their management of such sensitive deadlines is second to none.

The clear span portal frame allows for vehicles to move freely without the hindrance of internal support – this makes for a more efficient, safer operation. The building is 90m x 30.72m x 8.5m to the eaves and has a high-level gantry installed for maintenance of the elevator. The roof is a plastisol clad box profile with anti-condensation lining. The side and end cladding reaches down to meet the concrete panel 4.3m from floor level and there is a shedder panel fitted to seal.

“Algo always provide us with an excellent design and build service.”

Peter Grewar, Owner