From storage units for all sizes of businesses through to multi-purpose showrooms and office suites our portfolio of Commercial Buildings has grown steadily over the years.  Covering a broad range of clients and purposes our growth in this sector has been noted within Scotland’s construction sector.

Serviced Office Blocks: With our own extremely successful Algo Business Centre and repeat custom from prestigious clients such as Castlecroft Ltd, Algo has gained a wealth of experience building specifically for serviced office providers.  Addressing key issues such as local authority planning regulations, effective use of potential rental space and energy efficiency to name a few, Algo can assist their clients from start to finish.

Retail Outlets: Building for large, independent Scottish names such as House of Bruar, Algo can bring real expertise to the table when drawing plans for retail space. Whether its in assisting with maximising potential displays or ensuring ease of movement between key areas, our experience will help you plan to increase your sales.  Loch Leven’s Larder is a recent success story with Algo having built twice in five years to satisfy demands in line with their expanding business. Taking the retail location and target market into consideration at drawing stage gives a complete brand image and a look and feel that is aimed at the end consumer.  Algo’s turnkey service allows for brand values and aesthetics to be integrated into the original design without having a negative impact on the budget.

Veterinary Practices: Building vet’s practices has become a niche market for Algo. Vets require practical working space and a building layout to suit their very specific needs.  They need segregation between treatment and surgical rooms and again between large and small animals.  Adequate sound proofing, floor drainage and good ventilation are amongst their main priorities when discussing technical detail.  This all has to be presented in welcoming and comfortable surroundings to put pet owners at ease.