Dollar Academy

Dollar Academy’s success as one of Scotland’s leading private schools led them to enhance their facilities by creating a new building within the school grounds. The Macguire Building provides students with comprehensive facilities including a sports hall, theatre, arts and crafts room and Captains Room.

The design spec saw Algo looking to complement the existing architecture whilst at the same time providing a modern building with specific requirements for its usage. The final result was the stunning circular steel framed building leading to a long sweeping L shaped classroom corridor and large multipurpose gymnasium.

The building won a Civic Trust award for its design the year following completion.

The circular building itself has become iconic within the grounds of Dollar Academy. 77.7m long x 72.5m wide. This is, in part, timber over wall cladding with kingzip to the roof. The finish is a white render with sandstone bands around the circular building.

“A wonderful building in constant use since its creation. Algo delivered on budget and on time. You can’t ask for more.”

John Robertson, Dollar Academy rector