To replace a badly leaking flat roof with an insulated pitched roof to stop condensation problems and also to design and build a 240 square metre extension to contain a fitness room, conference room and male, female and disabled changing and toilet facilities.

A 100mm Kingspan Composite Metal Sheet roof over the pool which solved the condensation issue. The 160 square metre fitness room was fitted with a Junkers hard wood floating floor and 3m high windows which let in acres of daylight and provided an outlook for the exercisers.

Apart from the tight timescale and budget, the biggest challenge was the distance of the project from Algo’s headquarters. This meant some tradesmen and supplies had to be sourced locally.

“We set out to achieve the impossible and get from a standing start in June 2010, without even plans drawn, to completion by 31st of December 2010. If it hadn’t been for the snow we would have made it.

The budget was tight being grant funded with no contingency and we really appreciate Algo’s help in turning a dilapidated old pool into a first class facility with fitness and meeting facilities within these constraints of time and budget.”

Graham Burke