Carcary Farms – Cattle Shed. East Pitforthie, Brechin

The Milne family at East Pitforthie approached Algo in 2008 for a new accommodation block for cattle. Due to Algo’s knowledge and expertise within livestock handling facilities, proposals were drawn up and build dates were set.

Demolition of an old existing cattle court and recycling of materials for use in the new build helped reduce costs for the client.

The shed measures 84m long x 36m wide and can house 230 cattle. A scrap passage measuring 3.5m wide was fitted in the cattle feeding area so the livestock can eat and drink and then rest in the designated bedded area. This can significantly reduce the amount of bedding used, and make easier the cleaning of the courts daily to keeping infection control to its highest.

The cattle shed has dividing gates which can be used for stock handling and separation. An engineered area for rearing new born calf, where calve collars electronically instruct the fostering machine of how much milk each calf should get daily. This is a controlled way of feeding and rearing new born calves which is proving successful. The engineering of this was also completed by Algo’s in-house team.

“Algo did a very tidy and timely job. Their knowledge and willingness to work with us on achieving our design goals and their professionalism, was a credit to their whole team.”

Sandy Milne