Energen Biogas – Renewable Project. Cumbernauld

To build an anaerobic digestion reception building at Cumbernauld. The process converts waste to energy through breaking down organic matter with bacteria in the absence of oxygen. The process takes just 40 days compared to around 25 years in landfill.

The steelwork design principles were the same as a traditional Algo build but amendments had to be made to allow for the specific processes required. Algo designed and built the concrete foundations and walls for accommodating the blending process and the holding area and then designed and laid the foundations for the 25m tanks. All the civil engineering work – roads, drainage, infrastructure of cabling and concrete were managed by Sandy and the team.

The heavy snowfall in November/December came at a crucial point in the build, however, the Algo team were quick to find a solution however and covered the biofilter to insulate it until work could re-commence.

“Having worked with Algo before, I was confident that they could deliver this for us and I have to say that Algo have done a fantastic job at our Cumbernauld site. From the start, the procedure and costs were explained very clearly. Algo were completely open, unambiguous and transparent with their pricing.”

Robert Etherson