P D Hook – Poultry Sheds. Meikleour

PD Hook supply broiler chickens to the UK market. Their business model saw them manage this through both their own production and outsourcing. Following a decision to bring more production in-house the client appointed Algo to plan, design and build their expansion which would realise this new approach.

The new building had specific challenges that hadn’t been there when Algo had built the first poultry houses 6 years previously. Changes to the legislation pertaining to insulation requirements and new recommendations on density and daylight provisions for chickens meant the houses had to be “upgraded”.

They assisted with legislation, planning and getting the whole project through. It was completed on time and within budget.

The previously mentioned legislative changes prompted a new Algo design solution. In order to deliver the required daylight provision, Algo built a “blind” system that could be rolled up against perspex windows running the entire length of the house.

Ventilation Chimney Stacks were used to assist with temperature control within the houses and thermostats, fans, feeding, and lights are all monitored from the add-on control room.

“They assisted with legislation, planning and getting the whole project through.”

Charlie McMannus