CSR & Community Benefit

Algo Ltd, take Corporate Social Responsibility and Community Benefit seriously. We realise the importance of not only leaving a building behind, but a legacy for the people in the areas that we work. Our plan for this will differentiate depending on the type of project, the client, the value and duration, with the result being the same, to leave a positive impact behind.

Our policy includes:

  • Invest in training for all staff.
  • Practicing transparency.
  • Make sustainable purchasing decisions.
  • Playing a more active role in the community and educational facilities.
  • Supporting the local community.
  • Encouraging Innovation.

We understand That CSR comes from the top and the directors at Algo practice and promote the above.

At the end of 2018, a community benefit plan for 2019 was published.
You can read it here.

Download our 2019 Community Benefit Plan